Wase Wa Csi

Meaning: Cooks or people who are listed to prepare food

Origin: -


Use: Nina umenge jo na sija solve kesi leo! kwani wase wa CSI hawako crime scene? hakuna double homicide leo? = Man I'm so hungry today! I've not eaten a thing! Isn't there anyone in the kitchen to cook? aren't they fixing chicken or something?

Period: Late 2000,

Synonyms: Buru 1

Pronounciation: (Verb) [ Wa-see wa c-si ]

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Variations: -

History: Strictly speaking this phrase can not be used on it's own. It's usually more flavored when used in alongside "Double homicide", "Crime Scene" and "Investigator". Wase is "people", whereas "wa" is Swahili for "of" and CSI is from the "Crime Scene Investiga

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