Meaning: 1. less conversation or baseless talk. 2. Loud noise 3. A loud air-horn fitted on a matatu 4. Figurative for penis/dick

Origin: Unknown


Use: 1. Wacha vuvuzela man! Nipe pesa zangu! = Stop your yarns! ... I want my money! 2. Hiyo room ime jaa vuvuzela = That room is just noisy! 3. Bantu ina vuvuzela noma! = The matatu christened Bantu has a very loud horn! 4. Vuvuzela ya mine ime leta show = My penis is hurting or Mary alipuliza vuvuzela ya mine = Mary gave me a blowjob

Period: Late 2000

Synonyms: Unknown

Pronounciation: (Verb) [ voo-voo-ze-la ]

Relate: Kei Pararira Msedes Linga

Variations: Voovoozela,

History: From the famous South African trumpet that is used at their football matches. The trumpet stoked controversy to the degree that FIFA had to have a special meeting to grant permission for it's use at the world cup matches.

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