Meaning: Girl/Woman/Lady

Origin: Unknown


Use: Niaje na hizo veges ume leta? = Why won't you hook me up with those chicks you've brought?

Period: Late 2000

Synonyms: Unknown

Pronounciation: (Noun) [ ve-ge-s ]

Relate: Mude Supu Mshi Mshe Manzi Chipipi Chimama Mresh

Variations: Veggies, Vegez, Vegges,

History: A rather long winding origin of this word is found in Luhya land where they believe that anything that is eaten alongside Ugali (Mealie pap) is Mboga (Swahili for Vegetables), therefore even Chicken IS "Mboga" and from Sheng/Colloquial English "Chick" means girl/woman and given the known fact that Luhya's love Chicken... Mboga finds itself being equated to Chicken/Chicks

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