Meaning: Unscared, unmoved

Origin: CBD


Use: I am unbwogable = I'm not scared (You don't scare me)

Period: Late 90's

Synonyms: Unknown

Pronounciation: (Adjective) [ un- bwo-ge-bol ]

Relate: Hori Gwaya Wori

Variations: -

History: This is one of those true new Sheng words that conforms to the Sheng style of borrowing from local languages and adding a sprinkle of English with a dash of attitude. It is a compound word derived from the English prefix "un" combined with the Luo word "bwogo" (which means scare) and English suffix "able". Many people mistakenly think that the word is a "new" word while it isn't. It is a very old Sheng word born in Kisumu in the mid nighties and is typical of Sheng words from Luo Nyanza which have a lot of direct combinations between English and Luo words with Kiswahili lexicon. The word came into national use when the rap duo of Gidi Gidi and Maji Maji released a song by the title "I am Unbwogable" in 2006. The Song ended up worming its way into greater national and International limelight when the then opposition part National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) used it as their anthem and rallying call during the 2002 general Elections that saw the then President Daniel Arap Moi's KANU party trounced in the elections. Other versions of the song emerged as did new adverts and politicians all capitalizing on the word used it to its near death.

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