Meaning: Buttocks, Bum, Behind (Usually of a woman)

Origin: From Swahili "Matako" and flavoured by contraction :-), Meaning : Tusker (Beer)Word use : Niko na taki ya tanye moja tu = I'm craving just one Tusker BeerWord period: Mid 2000


Use: Tanye ya huyo mshi ni so jo! = That girl's bum is really huge!

Period: Unknown

Synonyms: Unknown

Pronounciation: (Verb) [ ta-nye ]

Relate: Rasa Kunyi Matanye Tanye

Variations: Unknown

History: Alcohol, Drugs, Word synonyms: , , Word Origin : Unknown Histo ya word. Derived from the name of a famous beer brand, Tusker Lager and only refers to the Lager variation of the brand.

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