Meaning: Kales (A type of vegetable)

Origin: Ololo


Use: Kwetu si udema skundhe daily = In our house, we eat kales daily

Period: 50's or earlier

Synonyms: Skunye

Pronounciation: (Noun) [ skoo-nthe ]

Relate: Dema Keroma Dishi

Variations: -

History: Derived from Swahili word/phrase "Sukuma wiki" which means Kales. Kales are a very common food item in the Kenyan diet. The original Swahili name for Kales is derived from two Swahili words "Sukuma" (push/persevere) and "Wiki" (week) and the name is really just a description of what those times (early 50s) were all about in Nairobi. Meat was relatively expensive hence many of the residents always ended up having to make do with a meal of Ugali and Kales hence the rather "sad" name for the vegetable. The phrase is synonymous with poverty and perseverance in harsh Nairobi.

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