Meaning: 1. A woman who is built like a man 2. Dual SIM phone

Origin: Unknown


Use: 1. Manzi wa Oti ni Semenya jo! = Otieno's girlfriend looks like a man! 2. Maze yani Semenya za ma Chinki ziko down tu sana! = Man!! These Chinese dual-SIM phones are useless!!

Period: Late 2000

Synonyms: Unknown

Pronounciation: (Noun) [ se-me-nya ]

Relate: Shipwepwe Nangos Mobite Mtambo

Variations: Simenya,

History: From South Africa's athlete called Castor Semenya. S(he) won Gold in the 800m race at the 2009 Berlin championships but stoked controversy by beating the other contestants by a whopping 30 or so meters. A gender test was then orderd to determine her/his true gender.

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