Meaning: 1. To diahorea 2. To cook (usually chapati or ugali) 3. To drive a car (usually very fast)

Origin: Unknown


Use: 1. Maze nime kula nyama ina RVF, maze na enda kuspin = I ate bad meat! I have to go diahoerea 2. Aunty ndio ana enda kuspin leo = It's my aunt cooking today. 3. Bryo ana want kuspin ndai yetu = Brain wants to drive our car

Period: Early 90's

Synonyms: Unknown

Pronounciation: (Verb) [ Koo-spe-een ]

Relate: Paisha

Variations: -,

History: 1From Swahili Endesha which means to diahoerea. Co-incidentally, the word also means drive - a car/vehicle 2The act of turning the ladle while cooking could be similar to that of holding the steering wheel of a car?... perhaps?? just thinking... ehehhe 3From Swahili Endesha

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