Meaning: 1. To grip (enthrall as of a performance or event) 2. To arrest 3. To catch in action 4. To take (as in acquire an item)

Origin: Unknown


Use: 1. Hata usi startishe hiyo movie! Ita kubamba design uta late kuenda chuo = Don't even start watching that movie, you'll get too engrossed in it that you'll get late for school 2. Uki vuka reru makarao wa reru wata kubamba = If you cross the railway line, the cops will arrest you 3. We iba tu shuge! Mdhama ata kubamba = You just keep stealing sugar, mum will catch you red-handed 4. Nta pitia hapo kubamba hizo Sahunya = I'll pass by to buy the safariboots

Period: Late 80's


Pronounciation: (Verb) [ koo-bam-ba ]

Relate: Neti Kujinyce Kujinice

Variations: -

History: Unknown

Likes: 3