Meaning: Forty Shillings. - Forty bob.

Origin: Uknown


Use: Kalucy kamoja katanifikisha mtaani vipoa sana. = A Forty Shillings coin will get me home.

Period: Early 2000

Synonyms: Tefo, Fote, Arbesa

Pronounciation: (Noun) [ Kah-loo-see ]

Relate: Currency, Counting

Variations: -

History: Derived from Lucy Kibaki - sort of a Kikuyu flavor of the name "Lucy" with the Swahili prefix "ka". Lucy Kibaki is wife to Kenya's third president - Mwai Kibaki. This word came about in 2003 when Central Bank of Kenya, issued a 40 Shilling coin to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Kenya. It bears the bust of Mwai KIbaki but interestingly, Nairobi youth decided to name it after his and not him!

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