Meaning: 1 .Cover or Keep an eye on (Usually in soccer). 2 .Put under pressure. 3.To catch.

Origin: -


Use: 1. Huyo boy ame ni kaba na risto ya kumwahi ganji yake jo! = That guy is putting me under pressure to pay back his money! 2.Onyi hawezi kaba poa. = Onyango can't cover an opponent well. 3.Umecheki venye Origi ame kaba hiyo adida. = Have you seen the way Origi has catched the ball.

Period: Late 70's

Synonyms: Man Bamba, Daka, Chocha

Pronounciation: (Verb) [ kah-bah ]

Relate: Pena, Dimba, Gola, Bao, Uza, Nati, Clach, Ref, Shake, Mauzo, Helpa, Force, Insist

Variations: -

History: Possibly derived from the English word "Cover" as used in Soccer or Football to mean keep an opponent occupied or under pressure from advancing.

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