Jongo ya tefo

Meaning: Forty shillings coin (Usually money). - Forty bob.

Origin: Unknown


Use: Niko tu na jongo ya tefo = I have only 40 shillings

Period: Early 2000

Synonyms: Karoosi, Kilucy

Pronounciation: (Noun) [ jo-ngo ya fo-te ]

Relate: Money Currency Counting

Variations: -

History: The word "Jongo" is derived from Sheng and it means "coin" or "token". Ya" is Swahili for "of" while "tefo" is the Sheng reverse for the English word "Forty". This term came about in 2003 when Central Bank of Kenya, issued a 40 Shilling coin to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Kenya. It bears the bust of Mwai KIbaki but interestingly, Nairobi youth decided to name it after his wife and not him!

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