Meaning: A man overly fascinated by his looks and usually full of himself

Origin: CBD


Use: Vosti ujiona hanzamboi = Steven is full of himself

Period: 2010 - 2013

Synonyms: Unknown

Pronounciation: (Noun) [ han-zam-bo-ee ]

Relate: Sixpack First bodi Otero

Variations: Handzamboi

History: Derived from English phrase "Handsome boy" but given a Kamba accent flavor by making the "boy" be "mboi". This word came to the fore after it appeared in the political sattire show XYZ Show (S6E4) in the "Political Hits" segment of the show wherein the current Vice President, Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka was portrayed singing the hit song Oliver Twist by Nigerian artist, D'Banj

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