Meaning: Pimp-mode shoes

Origin: Unknown


Use: Ssejo ameng'ara fiatu = Jose is wearing pimp-mode shoes

Period: 2010 - 2013

Synonyms: Ndula

Pronounciation: (Noun) [ fee-a-too ]

Relate: Male grooming Shoes and apparel

Variations: -

History: Derived from Swahili word "Viatu" but given the Kalenjin accent ("V" becomes "F"). This word came about from a Kiwi advert that was done by David Rudisha and his Kalenjin accent caused him to say "fiatu fyangu" (Swahili "viatu vyangu" - my shoes). David Rudisha is a prolific athlete with many medals to his name. He was the "Kiwi man" ... brand ambassador for Kiwi Shoe polish

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