Meaning: 1. Gun 2. Penis 3. Money (usually coins) 4. Packed

Origin: Ngara


Use: 1>Ndio ukuwe na chuma lazima ukuwe na license= For you to have a gun you must have a licence 2>Chuma ya mine iko na infection= My penis has an infection.3>Una chuma ngapi hapo?= How much money do you have there.

Period: Late 90's

Synonyms: Bundee Ndei munde Ganji Nasho Shona

Pronounciation: (Verb) [ Chuu-maah ]

Relate: 1>Nyambisha 2. Nyap Senye 3.Mathao Mote Bop

Variations: -,

History: From Swahili Chuma which means steel/iron, coins are made of silver and/or copper

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