Meaning: Of Chinese origin (maybe item or person)

Origin: Unknown


Use: Hiyo simu yako ni Chinku! = Your phone is counterfeit

Period: Late 80's

Synonyms: Imbo

Pronounciation: (Noun) [ Cheen-koo ]

Relate: Panthre Mwalach Msom Mwafo Mlami Mngoso

Variations: -

History: Derived from a truncation and cor of the word Chinese and it came into common use in the mid 80s when the Chinese were constructing the Moi International Sports Center at Kasarani in preparation for the 1987 All Africa Games. In the late 90s, the word later morphed to mean any item that was of Chinese origin and cheap or inferior quality after Kenya witnessed a proliferation of counterfeit goods from China.

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