Meaning: To eat

Origin: Unknown


Use: Naenda ku bomoa saa hii saa hii = I am going to eat right now.

Period: Unknown

Synonyms: Manga Dema Bonya Fyeka

Pronounciation: (Verb) [ Boh-mooah ]

Relate: Food

Variations: -,

History: From Swahili "Bomoa" which means to destroy (usually of a structure), Meaning : Beat (Beat up)Word use : Demosh alibomoa ule mse lakini hakuwin = Demosh beat up the guy but didn't winWord period: Late 70'sWord related to: ActionsWord synonyms: Dhanya, Fyeka, Chapa, Guoko, Bonda, , Word Origin : Unknown Histo ya word. From Swahili word "Bomoa" which means to destroy , Meaning : Demolish (a structure)Word use : Kanjo walibomoa marke = The City council demolished the market stallWord period: Late 60'sWord related to: ActionsWord synonyms: , Word Origin : Unknown Histo ya word. Derived from Swahili word with the same meaning ... to destory , Meaning : Have sex withWord use : Vosti aliboma Caro = Steve had sex with CarolineWord period: Late 90'sWord related to: Relations, ActionsWord synonyms: Dinya, Manga, Fyeka, Kuta, , Word Origin : Unknown Histo ya word. From Swahili word "Bomoa"

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